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Family-style ice hockey in Reno

By Mike Selby
After hundreds of volunteer hours preparing the Selbee Pond at Sky Tavern, it was finally time to lace up the skates. A couple dozen adults and children from the South Reno area gathered on both sides of center ice. And as I dropped the puck for the first ever, outdoor night game last winter, a quiet smile graced my face. It had been a long time coming.

The Skytavern Hockey Rink began as a dream for skaters in our area that had been skating on Little Washoe, Hidden Lake and any other surface they could find. Melting ice or snow coverage had always made for a very short season. For us older players, work often got in the way as well. We needed a place with lights, so we could play when folks had free time.

Unfortunately, Reno-Sparks is one of the few larger metro areas without hockey ice. Every year, we die-hard hockey players talked about building a rink somewhere in the Carson Range. Since nobody else seemed to want to pick up the gauntlet, we needed to find a remedy.

As I have learned over and over in life, never underestimate what a small group of motivated people can get done. After much discussion, a few families in the local hockey community came together to clean out a silted-in pond at Sky Tavern. Working with the Sky Tavern Ski Area, the ground was prepared for hockey.

Our inaugural year went well with over twenty-five games, countless potlucks around a fire, and many gallons of hot chocolate. Adults and kids worked together to clear the snow. The ice was prepared by the Zamboozler, a home-made, Zamboni-like contraption built of an old wagon, a water heater core and parts of a barbeque grill. The genius invention even won Second Place at the Nevada State Science Fair.

There are no fights on our ice. Rather, we play good-natured, family-style hockey with all ages and all skill levels welcome. We offer coaching as we go. From beginners to seasoned athletes, everyone is sure to have a great time. After all, there is nothing quite like the smile from a seven year- old when he scores his first goal.

As the leaves turn, we look forward to further improving the rink with better methods of clearing the ice, more lights, Zamboozler improvements, and a storage shed. As we always say, ďIf everyone helps, then everyone plays!Ē

For more info please contact Mike Selby (775) 849-3393 or

Letter From the Publisher

You might know that I love winter. But that sentiment is not shared by all, especially not by my wife Janice. Her favorite season is fall. So I asked her to write down what she likes and resents about winter. Perhaps this year she will change her mind. Read all about it here:

ďI love the heat of summer, but fall is my favorite season. I love the nostalgic, cozy feeling that fall brings. I start making soup, I get to wear sweaters again, and the changing leaves create a vibrant beauty all over northern Nevada. Thereís just one thing about fall that I donít like: Itís the season before winter, my least favorite season of all.

Yes, I know, part of living in northern Nevada is experiencing four seasons. Winter supposedly begins on December 21st, but by that time it usually feels like itís been winter for a month already in northern Nevada. Meteorologists define winter as the three months with the lowest average temperatures, namely December, January, and February. But we all know that it can snow in May or June. So, really, how long is winter around here?

It can be a very long time, hence my lack of enthusiasm for this season. Sometimes winter just never ends and we get all of one week of spring.

But so many people love winter. My husband cannot wait for the temperatures to drop and the storms to roll in. He loves snow sports and rises at the crack of dawn, so he can be the first to ski the powder.

Apparently, this is a very amazing thing to do. Iím hoping to experience powder skiing this year so that I can feel enthusiastic about waking up early and going outside in 2 degree weather. Up to this point, Iím still wondering about the appeal of this versus sitting by a warm fire.

Back country skiing is one snow sport that Iíve heard repeatedly compared to mountain biking. The similarity is in the amount of exertion spent climbing to the top of a mountain with skis on your feet, and then the exhilaration of skiing back down the slopes. This does, in fact, sound similar to mountain biking, minus the fact that snow covers the ground. I might be able to enjoy this, because doing something strenuous, even in freezing conditions, sounds right up my alley. A bonus is that I donít need to pay for a lift ticket.

Since I started writing about winter, I have begun to feel the slightest bit of excitement about it, mostly because Iím challenging myself. Despite the cold, short days, the snow shoveling, the chipping of ice off my driveway, having to wear my coat indoors, and the limited mountain biking opportunities, winter really is amazing.

The Sierra Nevadas are truly spectacular, especially covered in snow, and this winter I plan to learn why so many people love to ski powder.Ē
Happy Holidays,
Richard and Janice Keillor

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